Pool Removal & Fill-In Waterford, CT

Pool Removal & Fill-In | Waterford, CT

With work well underway at our Niantic pool removal we are preparing for our next project. This Waterford pool removal in CT is a town over and less than ten minutes away.

The typical first step before work can begin is to drain the water from the swimming pool. The presence of neighbors on all sides required pumping the water hundreds of feet to the catch basin in the street.

Equipped with gas-powered pumps and 500 feet of hose, we're ready for these situations.

Work is going to begin later today and we will update with pictures of the demolition portion once it begins.

As you can see below there are multiple pictures showing the Waterford Pool removal process. This beautiful backyard pool had enough space for machinery to efficiently do the job.

Once you remove the pool, fill in the hole that it leaves behind. Typically, people use clean fill dirt or gravel for this and then compact it to ensure stability. Then, compact the area to ensure stability.

After filling the hole, grade the area to ensure proper drainage away from buildings and structures. People may also engage in landscaping to restore the area to its original condition or to create a new outdoor space.

The transformed backyard haven now resides in the heart of what used to be a lively poolside paradise. The peaceful sense of tranquility now replaces the once echoing sounds of laughter and splashes. Where once stood the gleaming expanse of a pool, now rests a seamless expanse of lush green lawn, a canvas for new possibilities. The area, meticulously filled and graded after the pool's removal, now offers an expansive space for gatherings, play, or simply basking in the warmth of the sun.

Another day and another customer is satisfied with Grillo Pool Removal services.

An in ground pool surrounded by black fence and covered with blue tarp.
As you can see there is a generator connected to a hose to drain this fenced in pool.
Here is a hose running from the backyard of this home to the pool draining the water.
Image of pool being drained of water.
Pool Removal & Fill-In Waterford, CT
A skid steer at work leveling dirt
A white and red excavator tampering down topsoil.
Backyard dirt covered with hay for grass growth.
Backyard after pool removal and backfill finished. Hay was laid down on top of soil to help grass growth.
Backyard laid with hay on top of soil for grass growth.
Hay has been laid down from the beginning of driveway to the backyard after project was finished.