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Concrete Swimming Pool Removal | Hamden, CT

This Hamden, CT pool removal consists of an old, oddly built concrete pool. Due to the layout of the property the customers parents had the pool built partially in and partially out of the ground. This pool as built in 1965 and was really built quite well; it even still could hold water having never been patched. 

As you can see it is a tremendous amount of concrete as the pool itself is concrete, the pool decking is concrete, and the walls that built up the exterior of the pool are concrete blocks. 

We ended up being able to bury all of the concrete on site, and didn't need even one yard of fill. This was a very difficult job due to the location of the pool with abutting properties, and the thick pool structure riddled with rebar. Some of the companies that gave them quotes had no business even attempting this job. The homeowner is extremely happy they went with us for this pool removal project, even though we were not the lowest price. 


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Something that many don't realize is that old pools with standing water and deteriorating covers are extremely dangerous to wildlife. Just this year we have seen multiple cat carcasses in pools, and even a deer. They either get under the cover, or just fall in. Normal functioning pools are full of water. Many of these neglected pools are not full, so when an animal (or God forbid person) fall in it is difficult if not impossible to get out. On a happier note the video below is us saving a tiny creature that was in a very precarious situation. 

Before & After

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"Our family could not be more pleased with the professional, neat and exemplary work done in putting our old, tired, family pool to rest. Bittersweet, the pool was our father’s pride and a neighborhood icon since 1965. I learned to swim in that pool and have a lifetime of memories but Sean and his team gave a proper burial to this legacy. They are truly experts in this field and it shows. We are happy to have found them.

Carolyn Cavalier Graziano