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Gunite Swimming Pool Demolition | Wilton, CT

Today we are working on a pool demolition project in Wilton, CT. This is an in-ground gunite swimming pool. Gunite is a sprayed cement that is one of the best and most common ways to build a swimming pool. 

To begin the project we drained the swimming pool. We use a 4" gas pump that is extremely efficient. The average pool takes less than thirty minutes to fully drain. 

With the pool empty we now begin working on the gunite pool demolition. With our excavator and hammer attachment we pulverize the gunite pool. As the cement is broken into small pieces and weakened, we are able to use the bucket of the machine to tear apart large sections. 

The concrete is buried in the hole like on most jobs. Concrete is allowed to be buried by most towns as well as the State Of CT. All other debris is disposed off of site. 

We started this pool removal project yesterday (June 24th), today is June 25th and the entire job is done. We have the means and the ability to do these jobs quickly and efficiently. Often times we do two pool removals per week, most others aren't doing two pool removals per year. That is the difference between hiring a generic contractor, and hiring a pool removal specialist.

The pictures below show how the job went from start to finish. The old pool is broken up and filled in, and now the entire area is ready to become beautiful new and useable lawn.

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Before & After

A closed, fenced outdoor pool covered with a green pool cover, situated in a backyard with a grass lawn and surrounded by trees.
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As you can see removing and filling in this pool caused a massive transformation for this Wilton, CT property. Click the button below for a quote on your pool removal project!