Concrete Pool Removal Durham CT

Concrete Pool Removal | Durham, CT

This Durham, CT pool removal project is currently underway. The pool itself is very old, and set back deep in the yard of the home. The homeowner is over one hundred years old and has not used the pool in many years. This is a case we often see, with the children and grand children grown up and no longer using the pool. At this point the expense of operating and maintaining the pool just no longer makes sense, and we are called in to remove and fill-in the swimming pool.

"Time Lapse Progression Video"

As you can see this excavator is using claw to dismantle concrete.
A red and white excavator clearing rubble at a construction site.A red and orange excavator diligently working on pool demolition, showcasing the construction process.
One excavator equipped with a claw attachment is engaged in the extraction of sizable cement fragments from the pool foundation through pulling and pushing motions. Simultaneously, the other excavator utilizes a hammer attachment to fragmentize the extracted pieces. This sequential approach streamlines the removal process, facilitating the efficient disposal of materials.
Construction equipment in the woods: A scene showing heavy machinery amidst trees, engaged in construction activities.
Upon the completion of the demolition phase by these two machines, we can now commence the process of removing materials and debris.
Construction being done in a concrete pool creating a pile of debris and material.
Construction of pool being done by an excavator with a hammer attachment.
Construction worker hammering down on pool concrete frame.
The excavator operator maneuvers the machine to target specific areas, applying force to break down the concrete into manageable pieces. This method ensures efficient demolition while minimizing collateral damage and expedites the removal of debris for disposal.
A red bulldozer efficiently working on a dirt road, shaping the terrain with precision and power.
A red bulldozer efficiently working on a dirt backyard, shaping the terrain with precision and power.Topsoil fill-in beginning processTwo machines bringing topsoil to backyard location. Worker waiting for machines to continue raking.Customers backyard where pool use to be located now is filled in with topsoil and ready for landscaping.
Following the filling-in of a demolished swimming pool, the topsoil process is meticulously executed to restore the affected area. Specialized equipment is employed to evenly distribute a layer of nutrient-rich topsoil across the filled-in space. Once the topsoil is finished the homeowners can spread seed, fertilizer and hay.