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With over twenty years in business we have the experience to take on even the largest and most difficult in-ground swimming pools. Our in-ground pool fill in/pool removal service consists of complete removal of all parts of the old pool; the concrete walls are collapsed, pool coping is removed, and of course dirt is brought in to fill the hole.

When we are finished you will have a level graded area where the pool once existed. I know that this can be an overwhelming task as I have worked with countless homeowners stressed out about the entire process. When we arrive to give you your free estimate and  we explain everything in detail to ease any and all concerns. Hiring someone to remove a pool is usually a once in a lifetime decision, we help our customers not regret who they hire to do it.

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The map above shows many of the pool removals that we have completed. There are also many more that have not been added as the map was becoming quite crowded. As you can see the majority of the pools have been in Fairfield & New Haven counties, but we do work all over Connecticut.