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With over twenty years in business we have the experience to take on even the largest and most difficult in-ground swimming pools. Our in-ground pool fill in/pool removal service consists of complete removal of all parts of the old pool; the concrete walls are collapsed, pool coping is removed, and of course dirt is brought in to fill the hole.

When we are finished you will have a level graded area where the pool once existed. I know that this can be an overwhelming task as I have worked with countless homeowners stressed out about the entire process. When we arrive to give you your free estimate and  we explain everything in detail to ease any and all concerns. Hiring someone to remove a pool is usually a once in a lifetime decision, we help our customers not regret who they hire to do it.

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Cost of Maintaining In-Ground Swimming Pools in Connecticut (CT):

In-ground swimming pools are a popular luxury in many parts of the country, including Connecticut (CT). However, owning one comes with its share of expenses. The costs associated with maintaining a pool in CT can vary widely based on the size of the pool, its type (concrete, vinyl, or fiberglass), and the frequency of use.

On average, homeowners in Connecticut can expect to pay anywhere from $1,200 to $1,800 annually for routine maintenance. This includes the costs for chemicals (like chlorine, muriatic acid, and algaecide), electricity for the pool pump and heater, regular cleaning, and minor repairs. Additionally, every few years, pools may require more significant maintenance tasks such as liner replacement for vinyl pools (which can cost several thousand dollars) or resurfacing for concrete pools (potentially $10,000 or more). There are also unexpected costs that might arise from leaks, equipment malfunction, or weather-related damages.

Beyond the direct costs, pools in Connecticut face specific challenges because of the state's climate. The winter months can be harsh, leading to potential freeze-thaw damage. Therefore, winterizing a pool becomes essential, which includes costs related to draining the pool, adding antifreeze, and covering it securely.

Grillo Pool Removal's Popularity:

Given these maintenance costs and challenges, many homeowners in Connecticut decide at some point that the continuous upkeep isn't worth the value the pool adds to their life or property. As a result, they turn to companies like Grillo Pool Removal.

Grillo Pool Removal has gained a reputation for providing a comprehensive service for filling in unwanted swimming pools. Homeowners may choose to remove their pools due to the high upkeep costs, safety concerns, a desire to reclaim yard space, or because they find that the pool doesn't enhance the property value as much as anticipated.

One of the primary reasons customers opt for Grillo Pool Removal is their expertise. Removing a pool isn't just about filling it in; it requires proper drainage to prevent future issues, possible removal of the pool shell or liner, and ensuring that the area is adequately compacted and landscaped afterward. Grillo Pool Removal's reputation for professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to detail means that homeowners can trust that their former pool area will be both safe and aesthetically pleasing.

In conclusion, while in-ground swimming pools can be an enjoyable luxury, their ongoing costs in places like Connecticut make them a significant commitment. Over time, some homeowners find that this commitment, in terms of money, time, and stress, isn't worth the benefits, leading them to seek the services of trusted pool removal companies like Grillo Pool Removal.