A small excavator loosening concrete frame of pool. Pool removal Bristol CT

In-Ground Pool Removal | Bristol, CT

In Bristol, CT, Grillo Pool Removal services offer a seamless solution for homeowners looking to reclaim space, enhance safety, or revitalize their property. These professionals use advanced techniques and equipment for swift, efficient removal of unused, outdated, or damaged pools, complying with local regulations. From draining and dismantling to backfilling and site restoration, their comprehensive approach ensures minimal disruption to your property and surroundings. For This Pool Removal in Bristol CT, has the professionals for any pool demolition, ensuring peace of mind as you start your next landscaping or outdoor project.

Our team easily accessed the backyard with machinery and successfully completed the job on site. Grillo Pool Removal also uses Grillo Services LLC for the debris and material disposal.

As you can see in these pictures below, the foundation is very old and occupies a vast amount of the backyard.

"Time Lapse Progression Video"

A backyard pool covered with a green tarp, surrounded by trees and various outdoor furniture.
An image of the in ground pool surrounded by cement and wood framing.
A wooden frame surrounding a pool and backyard garden.
Backside of the pool foundation and yard.

Presented here is an antiquated pool that the homeowners in question have ceased to utilize. Due to its deteriorating foundation and the excessive maintenance it demanded, the decision to have it dismantled became apparent upon firsthand inspection.

Demolition worker in an excavator patiently waiting to begin pool removal.
Getting ready to start the removal process of the concrete pool walls.
A small excavator loosening concrete frame of pool. Pool removal Bristol CT
This displayed procedure illustrates the initial stages of pool removal. Subsequent to this phase, materials including cement and assorted debris will be segregated into piles designated for disposal.
Dirt whole where pool use to be and construction working with an excavator filling hole in.
What you see here is a hole where the pool foundation was and the pool team are now removing the materials to start filling in the hole with topsoil.
Kubota skid-steer hard at work to evenly distribute topsoil for leveling of ground where pool was.
An image of an excavator removing pool debris from hole and making a pile.
The depicted images above depict the commencement of the fill-in process, which involves preparing for the successful removal of residual debris and materials.
Here the pool removal team is using Grillo services to dispose of material and debris
Grillo Pool Removal also provides our own bins for material and debris.
Two workers in the process of disposing materials and debris from pool.
Two workers raking out topsoil for leveling
Orange excavator laying topsoil for workers to rake it out and level it.
The machinery often causes disruption to the lawn while traversing towards the backyards. As part of our protocol, we ensure comprehensive coverage with topsoil upon the conclusion of the process.
The final look of the backyard pool project.
Following the application and compaction of topsoil by machinery, the homeowners are now prepared to initiate the rejuvenation of their lawn. This entails the spreading of hay, fertilizer, and seed to help facilitate regrowth.