Concrete Pond Demolition and in-ground pool removal

In-Ground Pool Demolition | Darien, CT

Today we started a pool demolition in Darien, CT. The homeowner hadn’t opened this pool in several years since the children were grown and out of the house. This is actually a very common scenario, as most of our customers that opt with pool removal simply don’t use the pool. Besides filling the pool the customer we are removing the perimeter fence, and also regrading the entire backyard. I like our clients to know that while we do specialize in swimming pool removals we are capable of doing a wide variety of work including; demolition, drainage, grading, stump removal, small tree/shrub removal or transplanting, and hauling away debris. The picture of the remove pool on the bottom is where we currently are on the project, I will add the rest of the pictures when we finish this job.