Concrete Pond Demolition and in-ground pool removal

Gunite Pool Demolition | Ridgefield, CT

We were hired to demolish and fill in this gunite pool in Ridgefield, CT. The homeowners inherited this pool when they purchased their dream home. The previous owner had the pool installed approximately 50 years ago and it had been put within 20' of a pond. With the regulations of today this same pool would of never been allowed. Since new regulations require a 50′ setback from any wetlands.

We used silt fence and hay bales along the length of the wetland area. Wetlands officials from the town were consulted. To make sure whatever was happening was given their approval first.

Our excavator with the hydraulic breaker attachment was used to demolish the concrete of the pool and patio area. As we break the concrete we have laborers with a gas powered saw that have to cut the iron rebar. For these reasons gunite pools are much more time and labor intensive than standard liner pools.

Every town has different regulations regarding swimming pool removal. Some towns will allow the bottom of the pool to be broken apart as well as the walls typically 4' from surface. For this pool the entirety of the structure was demolished. All of the concrete was broken into manageable pieces. The rebar was cut off the chunks of concrete with a gas powered saw as you can see above. Then the concrete pieces were buried as allowed by the town. The State of Connecticut building department allows the concrete to be buried and it is typically buried on each job. Obviously gunite swimming pools have a tremendous amount of concrete and sometimes needs to be hauled away and disposed of. Standard liner swimming pools typically have concrete decking surrounding the perimeter of the pool.

Debris is constantly separated and put off to the side. From there we dispose of it. The only materials buried are clean soil, rock, and broken concrete.

Initially the homeowners wanted to keep the concrete decking that had surrounded the pool. Once the pool was gone they evaluated the new yard area and decided to have us remove it. Oftentimes decisions are made or altered once the pool is gone as it drastically changes the appearance of the area.

Another change order was given involving the retaining wall. Once the concrete decking had been removed the homeowners decided to have the wall taken out as well. It is cost effective to make decisions while we are there working as we have machinery onsite already. XXX The wall was made up of belgium block and concrete. We used our hydraulic breaker to demo it and a laborer to help. ool Removal; and in Sean Grillo we found a personable and professional businessman, contractor and new friend. Dennis and Charlene Rees Ridgefield, CT

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We made the decision last year to demolish our inground, gunite swimming pool. Having just moved to CT we resorted to an internet search for potential contractors. We are forever grateful that we came across Grillo Pool Removal. From our first phone conversation, Sean Grillo alleviated much of the stress and uncertainty built into such a daunting process. We always felt supported, as he navigated us through all of the permitting, wetlands, open space and weather issues. (Not to mention his sensitivity and responsiveness to our occasional last-minute queries and nervous requests.) We also owe great thanks to Sean’s awesome, reliable and professional crew on the ground – Gene, Sidney and Patrick – with their artistry and technical skills they went above and beyond our expectations in the demolition and landscaping process. In the end, we believe we received more than what we bargained for from Grillo Pool Removal; and in Sean Grillo we found a personable and professional businessman, contractor and new friend.

Dennis and Charlene Rees
Ridgefield, CT