damaged above ground pool

Above Ground Pool Removal | Orange, CT

This project consisted of the demolition and removal of an above ground pool along with the surrounding deck. This pool was built into the hillside and required us to bring in multiple loads of fill and topsoil to level and grade the area.

Do you wish to restore the backyard area by getting rid of the above ground swimming pool? Don't look any further! Grillo Pool Removal Services offers quick and easy above-ground pool removal services customized to meet your requirements.

Similar to our experience in removing inground pools, we specialize in above ground pool removals. Whether you're living in Niantic or the surrounding areas, we have the required equipment and know-how to do the job correctly.

When it comes to above ground pool removal Orange, CT, it's crucial to let professionals manage the work. Like inground pools, above ground pools need permissions, proper drainage, and careful demolition. Our team of experts is familiar with how to remove above ground pools efficiently and quickly.

The process starts with an in-depth assessment of your pool's design similar to in-ground swimming pools. When it comes to dismantling an iron frame, or removing a wooden structure and reassembling a wooden structure, we assure that every step is carried out to limit any damage on the structure of your home.

Our equipment is specially designed to allow us to manage a variety of above ground swimming pools, from steel-framed to inflatable pools. Regardless of the size or materials, we're able to remove the pool quickly and energetically.

After the pool has been removed, We will handle the return-filling process and restoration of the surface using the same degree of care that we use for in-ground pool removal. The backyard is left clean and ready for any change you'd like to see.

At Grillo Pool Removal Services, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We realize that above ground pool removal can be a major choice, so we're dedicated to making this procedure as easy as possible for you.

Therefore, if you're looking for "above ground removal near me" or require reliable above ground removal services, do not hesitate to contact us. When you work with Grillo Pool Removal Services, you can trust that the above-ground pool removal job will be handled professionally and with diligence. Get in touch with us today to arrange an appointment and get back your backyard area!