Pool Demolition Contractor

Swimming pool removal is one of our most sought-after services. Let’s face it, pools are not just fun and games for homeowners. They pose hazards and liabilities to owners, incur heavy maintenance costs, and take up a lot of yard space.

With Shoemaker Demolition, you can get rid of your pool in no time. We offer two pool removal packages: Partial Pool Removal and Full Pool Removal. Partial removal is simple and quick: the pool is drained, the sidewalls are brought down 18 inches below grade, large holes are put in the bottom, and pool equipment is abandoned, but the shell remains.

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An excavator using its claw attachment to raise cement structure. This technique helps by dropping heavier pieces to fall and break for easier removal.

Partial swimming pool demolition is a less expensive process, but if you plan on building over the area – the best choice is to completely remove the pool. This can be a little more expensive because removing the pool entirely is a longer demolition process and can generate more dump fees. Whether you choose full or partial, after the pool has been demolished, the backfill process begins, accompanied by soil compaction testing. Depending on the size of the pool, this process can take one to two weeks.

Why Us?

Our team of experienced pool demolition contractors makes us one of the best pool removal companies in and around Thousand Oaks, CA. No job is too big or small, and our pool demolition services cover everything from partial to full pool removal, including acquiring the necessary permits, hauling away debris, and carrying out soil compaction testing.

We hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence, and it shows in the work we’ve done for countless happy clients in the region.

A Blue tarped swimming pool surrounded by a white fence.

Work We Did

We are committed to providing quality service, and going above and beyond to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied and we do a great job on your pool removal.

Backside of house where pool use to be located in the dirt area.
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An image of how much more space there is in this backyard after pool removal.
Backyard dirt covered with hay for grass growth.
Hay has been laid down from the beginning of driveway to the backyard after project was finished.
A white and red excavator tampering down topsoil.
Backyard after pool removal and backfill finished. Hay was laid down on top of soil to help grass growth.
Backyard laid with hay on top of soil for grass growth.


Although pools are popular, they can quickly become unmanageable and expensive. Some of the most common reasons pool owners choose swimming pool removal include:

  • Pools are risky – Whether you own pets, have kids, or are worried about the risks pools pose to the disabled, pools can be dangerous and even deadly amenities that don’t suit everyone’s lifestyle.
  • Pools take up space – Even if you love pools, having one that takes up most of your outdoor space can be frustrating. Pool demolition can free up a lot of yard space for landscaping and new construction.
  • Pools are expensive – Whether you want to cut down on your gas, water or electric bills, or hate the constant maintenance your pool requires, pool demolition can be a quick fix for constant upkeep expenses weighing on your budget.
  • Pools can drive away buyers – If you’re planning on selling your home, pool demolition may be the right option if your potential buyers aren’t likely to want or need it in their property.