Winter Is A Good Time To Remove Your Pool


Winter in the North East isn't typically a time when we think about outdoor projects as the ground is often frozen and we spend most of our time indoors. What you may not realize though, is a frozen lawn is ideal to bring in machinery on. The trucks and demolition equipment won't leave ruts on the frozen ground, and lawn/yard damage is greatly diminished. When the ground is frozen we can often bring the trucks right to the pool area, saving us time and you money (often we need to bring the material to the pool via machines). Everything that we need to do to complete the job can be done in Winter! Just like any other job, when we finish we apply topsoil, grass seed, and hay. Even if it were to snow or stay cold for months more the seed is fine, it will stay dormant until the warmer temperatures in Spring. Another benefit is that in Spring we are extremely busy, and it's not uncommon for us to be booking months out by April.

Why Opt For A Winter Pool Removal

  • Less Lawn & Yard Damage

    When the ground is frozen the heavy equipment we use will not make ruts in the lawn like other times of the year.

  • Easier Access Can Save You Money

    If we can bring the dump trucks to the pool over frozen ground it eliminates the need for other equipment, saving you money.

  • Quick Scheduling

    Since Winter isn't as busy we can usually get to your job within weeks, unlike Spring when scheduling can be months out.

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