Pool Removal FAQ’s

There is no way to price a pool without taking a few things into account. First of all access is important. A pool that is out in the open may allow trucks to back up and dump right into it, that saves time which equates to a lower cost. Whereas a pool that is in a tight area behind a house may need to have all the soil moved by machinery; the added machinery and operators will call for an increase in cost. Also a gunite pool is incredibly more intensive than a liner pool, many times the cost for a gunite pool will be almost double that of a similar sized liner pool. With those points being made there are ranges you can expect. A liner pool will typically range from a low of $7,000.00 to a high of $10,000.00 depending. Potentially higher costs can occur under certain circumstances.

Now a gunite pool will have a cost range of $9,000.00 to $12,000.00. Potentially higher prices can occur for the largest of pools and for some municipalities that request all of the concrete to be hauled away.

Pool Removal Process

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