In-Ground Pool Removal Milford, CT

This Milford, CT pool was encompassing almost the entirety of a small backyard. Tons of concrete made the yard look very commercial and bland. The homeowners had enjoyed years of fond memories with the pool but between maintenance and the space it was taking up in their yard they made the decision to proceed with finding a company to remove the pool and give them their dream yard.

Access was very difficult since there was a railroad tie retaining wall at the end of the driveway with a vinyl fence and gate beyond the retaining wall. We typically require at least 8 feet of width to bring in our machinery as well as the soil to fill the pool. In order to get that we had to remove the retaining wall, fence, gate, and several shrubs that the homeowner did not want harmed.

This particular pool had very difficult access since it was in a close proximity to the home and had a vinyl fence around the perimeter with the concrete patio coming up to within inches of the fence. Although it is demolition work it still needs to be done carefully as the fence was staying.

swimming pool fill in, pool removal, pool demolition

In the above picture the fence and railroad tie retaining wall had been removed with just one fence post remaining. We had to be careful removing the posts since upon completion of the pool removal we had to reconstruct the fence and wall.

pool removal, pool fill in, swimming pool

Inground swimming pool in Milford, CT before being removed.

As you can see this pool with it’s surrounding concrete took up almost the whole yard. Where it may have been nice in the beginning this aging pool had gotten to the point where it cheapened the look of the yard and the homeowners had grown tired of looking at the bland concrete.

swimming pool fill in, pool removal, pool demolition

Our excavator breaks up the old concrete surrounding the pool.

We brought in a small excavator which was well suited for the tight area. The concrete was broken up and buried which is allowed in most municipalities; all other debris is carted away and disposed of at a transfer station.

swimming pool fill in, pool removal, pool demolition

Our small 6 wheel dump trucks were used to get the fill as close to the pool as possible. From there our excavator pulled and pushed it into the hole.

pool fill in, swimming pool fill in, pool removal

Broken up concrete from the pool patio being buried.

The concrete was broken up and most of it was buried, however with the abnormally high amount of concrete surrounding the pool about a third was hauled away.

swimming pool removal, pool fill in

Truck after truck of fill soil was brought in. As you can see here we are a few more loads away from being ready to bring in topsoil.

swimming pool fill in, pool removal, pool demolition

With the topsoil spread the homeowner had to choose between having us spread grass seed or going with sod. Since they had a dog and it was a small yard they chose sod since it would provide instantaneous lawn.

swimming pool fill in, pool removal, pool demolition

swimming pool fill in, pool removal, pool demolition

Once the sod was spread it was hard to imagine that just days prior a fully functioning swimming pool had been there.

This was just one of the countless swimming pools we have removed for dozens of satisfied clients. If you are looking for a contractor to remove your pool or are simply debating between redoing an old pool versus demolishing we can help.

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