Swimming Pool Removal – Stratford, CT

This pool removal was done in Stratford, CT in 2016. This pool was very old and as the customer’s husband had recently passed away she felt the burden of pool maintenance combined with the age of the pool called for it to be removed. We had to remove the surrounding fence and gate to gain access for the machinery. This pool had metal walls and a vinyl liner which had to be disposed of. There was some concrete around the perimeter of the pool which the Town Of Stratford official allowed us to bury it, like almost every municipality does. Typically the only thing that can stay is the broken up concrete with the walls, liner, steps, ladders, all being disposed of at a transfer station.

swimming pool fill in, pool removal, pool demolition

Once the pool demolition was complete (after we ripped out the pool walls, and got rid of the debris) we brought in the tri axles of fill soil.

swimming pool fill in, pool removal, pool demolition

With a finish load of our screened topsoil we were able to apply the grass seed and hay to finish the job completing the pool removal.

This was just one of the countless swimming pools we have removed for dozens of satisfied clients. If you are looking for a contractor to remove your pool or are simply debating between redoing an old pool versus demolishing we can help.

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