Gunite Pool Demolition & Fill In | Darien, CT

Action Shots Of Hammering The Concrete Pool

This Darien, CT project involved the demolition of a gunite inground pool, and regrading of a small yard. The pool ended up being thick concrete with a large amount of rebar. Unless you had the pool installed and saw it built, often you will not know how thick the concrete is, or how much rebar is used. That is one of the reasons gunite pools cost much more to remove than liner pools. Whereas a liner pool has thin metal walls that are fairly easily removed, the concrete walls of a gunite pool have to be demolished with specialized equipment.
As you can see above left, the concrete for this pool is almost 4' thick where the hot tub was! With a lot of hammering and patience we were able to break it into small pieces as the building officials in Darien required.

As we near completion on the demolition portion of the pool, you can see the broken concrete debris. In most cased both the municipalities allow the concrete to be buried in the hole. Other debris such as liners, piping, and pool components must be disposed of properly.

This job was obviously done in Darien, CT but we work just about anywhere in the State Of Connecticut. If you currently have a pool you are thinking of having removed we would be happy to work with you. Simply click below to contact us.